QiGong Retreats held in the Dordogne, France

“Rest the mind in the breath and the breath in the mind”


MAY 2015

Three six day Qigong Retreats will be held at the Moulin de Larcy Retreat in beautiful natural tranquil surroundings containing an abundance of positive Qi. Leah Franklin, Qi Master, is an international teacher spreading the ancient knowledge of internal alchemy to a world ready to wake up to personal connection, power and harmony. Her Nei Qi (internal) cultivation knowledge and skill is a martial art qigong passed on to her by 17th Generation Shaolin Mei Hua Qigong Grand Master John Tsai.


_D7K1737 Leah in field pix


If you are seeking inspiration and vitality to renew your relationships at a deep level, then this Retreat at Moulin de Larcy, in the heart of the Dordogne valley, nestled in 20 acres of perfectly secluded natural surroundings on the banks of the river Dronne is a place to start.

Retreats are scheduled for:

May   8th to 13th 2015

May 14th to 19th 2015

May 20th to 25th 2015

The Qigong retreats are only available to those staying at the Moulin

Reservations for 2016 are open

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