“When the hands are busy the mind is still” 

Deborah Harwood, BA in textile Art, Winchester School of Art, 2014 Sussex Woman of the Year in Arts, will be holding two Textile Workshops at the Moulin de Larcy Retreat in April.

silk painting flowersColouring Fabric & Kantha Stitch      7th to 12th April.        The first 2 days will be learning silk paint and block print on cotton, using inspiration from the beautiful surroundings.  The final 2 days: using the fabric created to make a Kantha Quilt, which is a technique from Bangladesh and traditionally used to stitch old saris together. The technique creates a beautiful simple texture.

felt makingFELT MAKING AND PEG LOOM WEAVING              14 to 19th April
The first 2 days of this workshop will explore the wonderful world of wet felt making. Working with merino wool tops and learning to make flat felt, nuno felt and 3d felt. The final 2 days will be spent learning to peg loom weave – one of the oldest and simplest ways to weave.Working on a double loom working both a chunky weave ideal for rugs and a finer weave for bags or cushions.

Cost per workshop all inclusive, including accommodation:
£985 Single
£726 Per person sharing

For more information and to reserve :

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