The weather was so mild this weekend, I was very tempted to take  one of Le Moulin’s bicycles out for a spin on Sunday – in sympathy with the 35 000 cyclists participating in the 2013 Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town, South Africa.

I rode that 105km race nearly 20 years ago. It was a wonderful experience – powder blue sky, gun metal blue mountains, azure blue sea and sunshine that warmed your heart, soul and mind. Even the notorious South Easter wine was benevolent that year.

Sep 2012 - Cycling Weekend

Sep 2012 – Cycling Weekend

Cycling in France can be just as rewarding, if not as warm, and we have been offering bespoke cycling itineraries for guests for two years now.

The spring months of May and June, as well as the autumn months of September and October, are idyllic for cycling in the picturesque Dordogne.

There are myriad reasons for choosing to cycle here – the beautiful countryside, mild weather and medieval villages packed with ancient castles.

There’s also the 100s of caves in the area, many known for their prehistoric paintings or incredible rock formations, and extraordinary towns including Rocamadour, constructed on an impossible cliff face; Sarlat with its grandiose architecture and cozy little streets; and Aubeterre with its monolithic underground Church of St Jean.

If you’re a cyclist living in the northern hemisphere and have been snowed in this winter, join us for a cycling holiday in Europe to help you shake off those winter blues. And, if you live in the southern hemisphere, why not spoil yourself with a cycling holiday to celebrate Europe’s spring.

Le Moulin is an ideal base for those who want to spend anything between two and six hours on their bike each day but do not want the inconvenience of having to relocate from town-to-town and hotel-to-hotel with each excursion.

There are many miles of cycle track and quiet back roads leading to picturesque villages and through lush farmland in the area. Whether you bring your own bike or opt to use one of Le Moulin’s mountain bikes, we guarantee we can plan a cycling outing that best suits your group’s or your personal preferences.

And, if your significant other or travelling companion is not as energetic as you are, remember le Moulin has a beautiful swimming pool and relaxation areas, and offers a range of treatments from beauty to massage and reflexology to pamper their bodies and souls……Of course, these treatments will also revive the tired muscles and aching bodies of the returning cyclist!

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know. Email me at or call on +33 (0) or visit our site

WELL-BEING MESSAGE :  Sweating helps to lubricate the skin – a particularly valuable function as it ages and dries!

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