Winter is still with us here in the Dordogne but there are signs of spring – the buds on the almond trees in the large field opposite Le Moulin are gearing up to make a spectacular display, the pussy willow in the courtyard of the downstairs apartment is already quite fluffy and soft … and each day the sun rises a few minutes earlier.

Sign of Spring

Sign of Spring

All this means that it will soon be time for me to spend more time outdoors in the potager and my organic herb garden. It also means I’ll have to have completed the winter tasks of catching up on administration and planning the year ahead.

I’ve got a good start in that the calendar of luxury lifestyle events for the year is now finalised. Yolanda Valstar van Die, a yoga instructor from the Netherlands, just called to confirm that she’ll be running an extended weekend of daily yoga sessions, meditation and relaxation at Le Moulin.

Yolanda was trained by three of the most well-known teachers in that country: Johan Noorloos, Marcel de Vis Heil and Anat Geiger. She has opted to hold a yoga retreat for beginners in May and intermediate students in September to help them accelerate their proficiency.

There are numerous benefits associated with practising yoga including improved flexibility, more strength, better concentration, improved posture, better breathing. Yoga can also help combat depression and loss of bone density, help beat stiffness and hormonal fluctuations, and fight off hardening of the arteries.

During the course at Le Moulin, students will be introduced to Vinyasa Yoga or Flow Yoga (a variation on Ashtanga). This is a more lively form of yoga, and can be best compared with meditation in movement.

It will help students towards a stronger and healthier body, and they will become more connected to their inner selves – the source of inner peace, joy, love and harmony. This is a perfect match with our philosophy of Heal your Body, Feed your Soul and Free your Mind, and I am so looking forward to welcoming Yolanda to Le Moulin.

The beginners’ session takes place in spring from May 9 to May 13 while intermediates will participate in the autumn session from September 19 to September 23. If you are interested in joining us on one of the weekends, please let us know. Email me at or call on +33 (0)

WELL-BEING MESSAGE : Yoga helps to improve the circulation, which in turn benefits the skin and helps to clean the body out by increasing the elimination of toxins through the lungs.

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