2013 Calendar : Luxury Life Style Getaways

We have a wonderful calendar of events planned for 2013!


February 22nd to 25th: we start with our Wine Enthusiast weekend, when we welcome a member of the esteemed institute of Masters of Wine, Cathy van Zyl, to Perigord for an exclusive weekend of wine tasting, gourmet meals and companionship.

May 9 to 13th : Exclusive Yoga Retreat for beginners. An extended weekend of daily yoga sessions, meditation and total relaxation.  Yolanda Valstar-van Die, from Holland, will be the yoga instructor during the retreats.  A second retreat is schedule for intermediates in September from 19th to 23rd.


May & June are also wonderful months for Walking and/or Cycling in France.


July the Baroc Musical Festival is a must for those who love Baroc Music!  What treat to enjoy the local French countryside travelling from village to village, following the program of selected churches and cathedrals, with added delight of the acoustics and ambiance of ancient churches filled with music!

Julie in Studio 1

October 4th to 8th : Art Workshop

With Julie Cope, professional artist and tutor. Personal tuition in drawing and painting with watercolours, acrylic, oils and pastels as well as mosaic work.

Finally 1st to 5th November : Hands-On Organic Cooking Course.  Learn the secrets of Moulin de Larcy favourite menus.

Contact : anita@le-moulin-de-larcy.com for more information. 

Well-Being Message : IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, BE!

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