It is hard to believe that Autumn has already arrived in all its rich splendour of colour – maybe it is because the Summer months were so busy here at the Moulin and they seemed to have passed in a flash!  So quickly in fact that there didn’t seem to be enough time to spare to really appreciate the lovely hot sunny days that came our way here in the Dordogne Valley.  It is now crispy in the mornings and evenings but we still have lovely sunny days with clear blue skies to warm and nourish the soul.  Autumn is the perfect time to visit this part of France – to recharge your batteries and enjoy the peace and quiet, no more tourists, just blissful tranquility.


This is the view that I have from the studio window, reminding me that Autumn is well on her way!

Well-being message :  If you are prone to picking up colds or flu  with the change of season it is a very good idea to pay a visit to your Chiropractor and have your body aligned – this helps clearing up blockages, maintaining an even flow of energy and good health throughout your system.

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