I’m so excited!  My friend and respected artist, Julie Cope, has agreed to visit the Moulin in October and run an exclusive art workshop for our guests.


Julie, a multi-talented and extremely gifted artist and tutor, works in all mediums: charcoal, pencil, paints (water colours/acrylic/oils) and pastels.  She also specialises in mosaïc work.  You can view her portfolio at http://www.juliecopeart.com.



As our philosophy at the Moulin is the personal touch, Julie will offer each guest personalised tuition in whichever medium – and on whatever subject – the student chooses: portrait, figure, landscape, seascape, still-life or any other areas where guidance and advice is needed.

The light and Autumn colours in the Dordogne Valley during October are superb so we’ve decided to schedule the course from October 2 to 7, and we’ll be limiting the number of students to 4 only.

Make your reservations now to avoid disappointment


Well-Being message:  Do something creative at least once a week, this can be in the form of art, music, writing, cooking, gardening…..  We all have a creative spirit that needs to be nurtured to maintain inner harmony.




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