Baroque Musical Festival, Dordogne, France

The 11th Baroque musical festival is now underway.  Yesterday Chocs and I went to Cercles, which was where the festival was located for the day – there were all sorts of interesting stalls scattered around the ancient Eglise Abbatiale, musicians practicing for the next “sitting”, spectators wandering from one artistic stall to another. A few sipping wine in the shade while waiting for the next performance.

Eglise Abbatiale, Cercles, Dordogne, France

Others were participating in lectures or going on a guided walk around the local countryside.  There were  musicians mixing freely among the guests participating in food and refreshments at the Café Baroque, housed under a canopy.

Friday offered three different concerts at this same venue.

This annual festival is a definite must for baroque music lovers – it takes place at the end of July every year – the luxury accommodation available at Moulin de Larcy blends well with this wonderfully organised event.

Well-being message : Take some time for yourself, relax and listen to a beautiful sonate, piano or violin concerto – let the music tingle within, filling you with a sensation of wonder mixed with joy as you listen intently to each note.

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1 Response to Baroque Musical Festival, Dordogne, France

  1. CvZ says:

    Wish I could be there; looks glorious!

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