This year the roses in France have been spectacular!  They were splashed across walls, in gardens, hanging heavily over fences in great abundance and breathtaking to behold.  However, the roses in my medicinal garden didn’t seem to be on the same planet!!  They were just not growing, no matter how much I fed them with my special smelly mixture of chicken manure/comfrey/nettles all soaked together in a bin of water taken from the river.

One day while wandering over to the beehives, which are not far from the medicinal garden, I spotted the cause – a beautiful large deer, with its soft almond eyes, coming from the direction of the medicinal garden.  I have been told that they have quite a taste for new rose shoots.  It seems that this extends to fuchias too, as it is evident that they have had their growing shoots chomped off too and look like dwarfs compared to similar fuchia plants near the house.

Well-being message:  Don’t forget to smell the roses!  At least once a day stop and take notice of something around you that Nature has produced, feel the wonderful feeling of well-being as you acknowledge this master piece of Nature.

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