Visitors to the Moulin : Nicki and Andre Naude

We have had a busy time over the passed couple of weeks.  Simon was home for over two weeks, the Naude family from Abu Dhabi booked Melisse for nine nights, it was great having fellow South Africans around us again!

Nicki sent us the following e-mail : “We just wanted to thank you both so very much for such a wonderful stay at Le Moulin.  We feel so rested and relaxed after a week in such beautiful surroundings.  The apartment that we stayed in was beautiful and very comfortable.  

You made us feel so welcome and we really felt like we were in a ‘home from home’.  Being back in Abu Dhabi these last few days has been a startling jolt to reality after those lazy mornings starting with the breakfast basket filled with French pastries, breads, lovely fruit salads and those heavenly eggs from your happy chickens.  The walks in your woods did our souls so much good – being able to breath in that lovely fresh air, watch your bees buzzing away on the wild flowers, listening to the river gurgling away and hearing the birds in those gorgeous trees.  Getting back into nature really does wonders for mind, body and soul.  The bottles of honey that we brought back

from your hives are an absolute hit, we have kept most of it and gifted a few precious bottles! 

Thanks for all the delicious food, we are now on a strict diet to loose the weight that we found so easy to accumulate in the Dordogne region!  We will tell everyone we know how wonderful ‘Le Moulin de Larcy’ is and can’t wait to come back!

All the best until we see you again.

Nicki and Andre”

Well-being tip:  Honey is the only food that does not go off or deteriorate with time.  It is important to buy your honey from a good source as the majority of honey on supermarket shelves has been heated and/or adapted to remain liquid – thereby loosing it’s valuable qualities.

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