NB The booking form is not currently operating.  Please contact me directly regarding booking enquiries:

or SMS +33 6 76 34 71 15

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Anita Black, Le Moulin de Larcy



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QiGong Retreats held in the Dordogne, France

“Rest the mind in the breath and the breath in the mind”


MAY 2015

Three six day Qigong Retreats will be held at the Moulin de Larcy Retreat in beautiful natural tranquil surroundings containing an abundance of positive Qi. Leah Franklin, Qi Master, is an international teacher spreading the ancient knowledge of internal alchemy to a world ready to wake up to personal connection, power and harmony. Her Nei Qi (internal) cultivation knowledge and skill is a martial art qigong passed on to her by 17th Generation Shaolin Mei Hua Qigong Grand Master John Tsai.


_D7K1737 Leah in field pix


If you are seeking inspiration and vitality to renew your relationships at a deep level, then this Retreat at Moulin de Larcy, in the heart of the Dordogne valley, nestled in 20 acres of perfectly secluded natural surroundings on the banks of the river Dronne is a place to start.

Retreats are scheduled for:

May   8th to 13th 2015

May 14th to 19th 2015

May 20th to 25th 2015

The Qigong retreats are only available to those staying at the Moulin

Reservations for 2016 are open

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“When the hands are busy the mind is still” 

Deborah Harwood, BA in textile Art, Winchester School of Art, 2014 Sussex Woman of the Year in Arts, will be holding two Textile Workshops at the Moulin de Larcy Retreat in April.

silk painting flowersColouring Fabric & Kantha Stitch      7th to 12th April.        The first 2 days will be learning silk paint and block print on cotton, using inspiration from the beautiful surroundings.  The final 2 days: using the fabric created to make a Kantha Quilt, which is a technique from Bangladesh and traditionally used to stitch old saris together. The technique creates a beautiful simple texture.

felt makingFELT MAKING AND PEG LOOM WEAVING              14 to 19th April
The first 2 days of this workshop will explore the wonderful world of wet felt making. Working with merino wool tops and learning to make flat felt, nuno felt and 3d felt. The final 2 days will be spent learning to peg loom weave – one of the oldest and simplest ways to weave.Working on a double loom working both a chunky weave ideal for rugs and a finer weave for bags or cushions.

Cost per workshop all inclusive, including accommodation:
£985 Single
£726 Per person sharing

For more information and to reserve :

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With Life Alignment energy healing practices we can now endeavour to help find the Root Cause of the battle with too much or too little weight.  This could be a life changing experience and at the same time revitalise the heart, mind, body and soul.

-15 Days at this luxury retreat which will include : 5 nights’ accommodation plus all meals, 4 Root Cause Life Alignment Balances, 4 head, neck & back massages.

1530 Euros single

1075 Euros per person sharing

Moulin de Larcy is situated in the Dronne Valley in the heart of the Dordogne, SW France.  We are 5 kms from the nearest town, Riberac. Nearby airports: Bergerac, Bordeaux, Limoges.  Bookings can be extended to more than five days.

For more information visit our website :

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Healing through Life Alignment

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush and restlessness of everyday life – it is, after all, what the world demands of us. And once we’re trapped, it’s not easy to find a way out of this cycle of wants, needs and expectations that don’t align with our soul’s true purpose. Life Alignment’s energy healing systems aim to remove the filters that prevent us from living our truth.

Finding purpose at Le Moulin De Larcy

Le Moulin isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a place of healing, revitalization and rejuvenation. And, having achieved her first qualification in the Life Alignment (LA) systems, owner Anita Black will be using LA principles and methods to help visitors realign themselves to have an outer self that reflects an inner truth.

What is Life Alignment?

At some point, we’ve all wondered what our purpose is. LA helps practitioners answer this question by exploring the interconnectedness of a universe where the mind, body and environment need to be considered as one.

Through self-reflection and inner identification, LA brings clarity to all aspects of daily life, including:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Family and relationships
  • Home, career and workplace
  • Creativity and life purpose
  • Environment (including food, water, nature and air)

LA guides practitioners to their Higher Self – the part of our being that knows what we’re keeping trapped in our subconscious – things that we are consciously unaware of that prevent us from achieving personal fulfillment. In this way, practitioners identify negative thought patterns that are draining energy and preventing change.


  • Increase physical, emotional and mental health and well-being
  • Align structure, bones, joints and muscles
  • Balance energy fields of organs, glands and body systems
  • Identify the root cause of issues and help relieve a variety of symptoms such as learning difficulties, allergies, sleep disturbances and hormonal imbalances
  • Strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body
  • Relieve pain rapidly by healing the related issue
  • Improve family relationships
  • Harmonize home, career and workplace
  • Discover creativity and life purpose
  • Protect  from harmful energies like electromagnetic radiation, mobile phones, geopathic stress and pollution
  • Energize food and water

Finding your path at Le Moulin

Guests rediscover themselves at Le Moulin. Life Alignment is another way for visitors to find wellbeing while staying with us.

For more information contact Anita at

Life Alignment

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Moulin de Larcy is situated within easy driving distance from all the medieval churches hosting Ton Koopman’s 12th Baroque Musical Festival. The Moulin’s festival package includes:

  • Luxury accommodation to three couples
  • Ticket reservation
  • Transport to and from the venues
  • Restaurant reservations


DATE : 25th to 28th JULY 2013

For more information contact Anita:

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The weather was so mild this weekend, I was very tempted to take  one of Le Moulin’s bicycles out for a spin on Sunday – in sympathy with the 35 000 cyclists participating in the 2013 Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town, South Africa.

I rode that 105km race nearly 20 years ago. It was a wonderful experience – powder blue sky, gun metal blue mountains, azure blue sea and sunshine that warmed your heart, soul and mind. Even the notorious South Easter wine was benevolent that year.

Sep 2012 - Cycling Weekend

Sep 2012 – Cycling Weekend

Cycling in France can be just as rewarding, if not as warm, and we have been offering bespoke cycling itineraries for guests for two years now.

The spring months of May and June, as well as the autumn months of September and October, are idyllic for cycling in the picturesque Dordogne.

There are myriad reasons for choosing to cycle here – the beautiful countryside, mild weather and medieval villages packed with ancient castles.

There’s also the 100s of caves in the area, many known for their prehistoric paintings or incredible rock formations, and extraordinary towns including Rocamadour, constructed on an impossible cliff face; Sarlat with its grandiose architecture and cozy little streets; and Aubeterre with its monolithic underground Church of St Jean.

If you’re a cyclist living in the northern hemisphere and have been snowed in this winter, join us for a cycling holiday in Europe to help you shake off those winter blues. And, if you live in the southern hemisphere, why not spoil yourself with a cycling holiday to celebrate Europe’s spring.

Le Moulin is an ideal base for those who want to spend anything between two and six hours on their bike each day but do not want the inconvenience of having to relocate from town-to-town and hotel-to-hotel with each excursion.

There are many miles of cycle track and quiet back roads leading to picturesque villages and through lush farmland in the area. Whether you bring your own bike or opt to use one of Le Moulin’s mountain bikes, we guarantee we can plan a cycling outing that best suits your group’s or your personal preferences.

And, if your significant other or travelling companion is not as energetic as you are, remember le Moulin has a beautiful swimming pool and relaxation areas, and offers a range of treatments from beauty to massage and reflexology to pamper their bodies and souls……Of course, these treatments will also revive the tired muscles and aching bodies of the returning cyclist!

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know. Email me at or call on +33 (0) or visit our site

WELL-BEING MESSAGE :  Sweating helps to lubricate the skin – a particularly valuable function as it ages and dries!

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Winter is still with us here in the Dordogne but there are signs of spring – the buds on the almond trees in the large field opposite Le Moulin are gearing up to make a spectacular display, the pussy willow in the courtyard of the downstairs apartment is already quite fluffy and soft … and each day the sun rises a few minutes earlier.

Sign of Spring

Sign of Spring

All this means that it will soon be time for me to spend more time outdoors in the potager and my organic herb garden. It also means I’ll have to have completed the winter tasks of catching up on administration and planning the year ahead.

I’ve got a good start in that the calendar of luxury lifestyle events for the year is now finalised. Yolanda Valstar van Die, a yoga instructor from the Netherlands, just called to confirm that she’ll be running an extended weekend of daily yoga sessions, meditation and relaxation at Le Moulin.

Yolanda was trained by three of the most well-known teachers in that country: Johan Noorloos, Marcel de Vis Heil and Anat Geiger. She has opted to hold a yoga retreat for beginners in May and intermediate students in September to help them accelerate their proficiency.

There are numerous benefits associated with practising yoga including improved flexibility, more strength, better concentration, improved posture, better breathing. Yoga can also help combat depression and loss of bone density, help beat stiffness and hormonal fluctuations, and fight off hardening of the arteries.

During the course at Le Moulin, students will be introduced to Vinyasa Yoga or Flow Yoga (a variation on Ashtanga). This is a more lively form of yoga, and can be best compared with meditation in movement.

It will help students towards a stronger and healthier body, and they will become more connected to their inner selves – the source of inner peace, joy, love and harmony. This is a perfect match with our philosophy of Heal your Body, Feed your Soul and Free your Mind, and I am so looking forward to welcoming Yolanda to Le Moulin.

The beginners’ session takes place in spring from May 9 to May 13 while intermediates will participate in the autumn session from September 19 to September 23. If you are interested in joining us on one of the weekends, please let us know. Email me at or call on +33 (0)

WELL-BEING MESSAGE : Yoga helps to improve the circulation, which in turn benefits the skin and helps to clean the body out by increasing the elimination of toxins through the lungs.

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WATERMILL IN FRANCE : amazing new website

We are so proud of our new website, which has  been created by Simon Toller of Orange Press, UK.

Simon has been so patient over the passed few months, making changes, taking out sections, creating new ones.  Patiently working towards the end product …… which we think is fabulous!


Well-being message : at least once a week do something for someone else, some thing for yourself and some thing different that you have never done before.





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2013 Calendar : Luxury Life Style Getaways

We have a wonderful calendar of events planned for 2013!


February 22nd to 25th: we start with our Wine Enthusiast weekend, when we welcome a member of the esteemed institute of Masters of Wine, Cathy van Zyl, to Perigord for an exclusive weekend of wine tasting, gourmet meals and companionship.

May 9 to 13th : Exclusive Yoga Retreat for beginners. An extended weekend of daily yoga sessions, meditation and total relaxation.  Yolanda Valstar-van Die, from Holland, will be the yoga instructor during the retreats.  A second retreat is schedule for intermediates in September from 19th to 23rd.


May & June are also wonderful months for Walking and/or Cycling in France.


July the Baroc Musical Festival is a must for those who love Baroc Music!  What treat to enjoy the local French countryside travelling from village to village, following the program of selected churches and cathedrals, with added delight of the acoustics and ambiance of ancient churches filled with music!

Julie in Studio 1

October 4th to 8th : Art Workshop

With Julie Cope, professional artist and tutor. Personal tuition in drawing and painting with watercolours, acrylic, oils and pastels as well as mosaic work.

Finally 1st to 5th November : Hands-On Organic Cooking Course.  Learn the secrets of Moulin de Larcy favourite menus.

Contact : for more information. 

Well-Being Message : IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, BE!

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